Technical Analysis (starts 7th November)

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  • Making more sense of the short term market movements
  • Getting benefitted by short term trends


  • Learn live from the expert
  • Practice on Realtime datasets
  • Detailed notes for each lecture
  • Guaranteed Doubt Solving
  • Certified Course
  • Limited batch size



  • NCFM Certified Technical Analyst
  • Active Trader and Instructor with wide fan following
  • NISM & NSE Certified Fundamental Analyst
  • NMIMS alumni

ABOUT THE COURSE (Starting 7th November 2020, Weekend batches, 3 hours session each)

Module 1: Share market and technicals overviews :
– What is technical analysis and what are it’s assumptions
– How is technical analysis different from fundamental analysis with live examples
– Markets and trading jargons
– Short selling and it’s advantages
– Types of charts
– Types of scaling
– Explore Chartink/Tradingview and Moneycontrol and understand the uses as a trader and analyst
– Understanding swings
– Understanding pivots
– Trend analysis and some market secrets
– Googlesheet trackers

Module 2: Support and resistances
– What are horizontal supports and resistances
– What are diagonal supports and resistances
– What are channels and how do you trade them
– What is change in polarity
– What happens when supports or resistance breaches
– Cluster buy / sell
– Traders analysis and some market secrets
– Googlesheet trackers

Module 3: Candlestick pattern, Gap Theory & Dow theory
– Candlestick pattern rules
– Single candlestick patterns :
Doji, Long legged doji, Dragonfly doji, Gravestone doji, Spinning top, Spinning bottom, Island top, Island bottom, Hammer, Hanging man, Inverted hammer, Shooting star
– Two candlestick pattern :
Bullish engulfing, Bearish engulfing, Strong engulfing’s, Bullish Harami, Bearish harami, Strong harami’s
– Three candlestick patterns :
Morning star, Evening star
– Smart money analysis on candlesticks and some market secrets
– Googlesheet trackers
– Candlestick scanner (mentorship)
– Gap theory : Common gaps, Breakaway gaps, Measuring gaps, Exhaustion gaps
– Dow Theory : Trends of Dow theory, Phases of Dow theory

Module 4: Price patterns
– Price pattern rules and bifurcation
– Reversal (bottom) : Double bottom, triple bottom, rounded bottom, inverse head and shoulders
– Reversal (top) : Double top, Triple top, rounded top, head and shoulders
– Continuation (Bullish) : Triangles, Rectangles, Flags
– Continuation (Bearish) : Triangles, Rectangles, Flags
– Smart money analysis on patterns and some market secrets
– Googlsesheet trackers

Module 5: Components of successful trading
– Trading strategy and systems overview
– Risk management
– Stop loss setting
– Trail stop loss setting
– Target setting
– Trading psychology
– Discovery of types of traders
– Flow to be used for stock picking
– How to time the market (combining all together)
– How to toggle between timeframes
– What is hedging, how does hedging work (brief on F&O)
– Smart money analysis and market secrets
– Trading strategy scanner (mentorship)

2 reviews for Technical Analysis (starts 7th November)

  1. Harshita Jain (verified owner)

    It’s an excellent crash course with a grt faculty member . We didn’t have any technical glitch during our classes it was running smoothly. Grt course to learn and enhance the skills which is necessary for the corporate world . I recommend you all that you should join this course and develop new skills .

  2. Swetha Rajmohan (verified owner)

    I definitely recommend this to every person who needs to use Excel on a regular basis. It will not just give you an edge over the others but also help you save time after you have learnt the formulae,shortcuts and tools within Excel that you can leverage for everyday analysis and presentations.

    The entire course has been very intricately detailed for easier follow-ups and revisions.

    Jatan is very detail oriented and with his kind of patience to indulge all our questions,the learning only gets better with each passing class.
    The homework and practice sessions are equally helpful! Thanks Jatan

    Thank you Team Collearn – for bringing onboard such a fine instructor and for ensuring all sessions were smooth from a logistics point of view! Special shout out to Aditya!

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