Python for Beginners (21st July)



Instructor profile

With experience spanning over 11 years, our course instructor has worked across various  technologies and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, SQL, Python, Django, Go, Elixir, Phoenix Framework, Dart, Flutter, etc.

Has worked extensively with Python, specially for web & api development using Django. Geospatial and realtime systems

Provides consultancy for various businesses and works on a SASS startup

Masters of Marketing Management, B. E (Mechanical), Diploma (Mechanical)


Target Group
1. Age – 18 to 25 yrs.

2. Programming Experience – Never coded, beginner or basic knowledge.

Course Methodology and approach
1. Hands-on approach to learning.

2. The approach is –

• Introduce the topic.

• Introduce a question.

• Explain the concepts while solving the question.

• Give short exercises or assignments to memorise the concept.

• Repeat.


From 21st July to 31st July, 8.00pm to 9.30pm (Except for Saturday)

The following is the list of topics that would be covered, the topics are enough to cover all the basics and get the students started into python.

1. Variables

2. Basic Data Types

3. Decision Making – If and Else
4. Functions

5. Static Typing

6. Lists

7. Loops – for, while

8. Strings

9. Dictionary

10. Tuples

11. Sets

12. Packages

13. Object Oriented Programming

14. Files Handling

15. Error handling

16. Doctest

17. Decorators

18. Magic Methods

Bonus Project

Design your own game using Python ” Space Invaders Demo” (As shown above)

Course Outcome

After taking this course students will have learned enough to have a descent understanding of Programming and Python in general. With the right fundamentals in place, students can pursue other Intermediate or Advanced courses to further enhance their knowledge.



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Python for beginners (21st July)

July 21, 2020, 8:30 pm


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