Machine Learning: Basics to Advanced (coming soon)

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Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience. It is seen as a subset of artificial intelligence.


  • Individuals who have heard about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning but have no idea about it or how it works
  • Those who have no knowledge about ML, NLP but want to learn the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of it.
  • Professionals, Students, Entrepreneurs – anyone can attend this course


  • Certified Course
  • Live online practical class
  • Learn with your friends
  • Recordings will be provided



  • Machine Learning Applied Scientist at a leading E-commerce company in the world
  • Has worked as a Machine Learning Reseach Intern across multiple countries
  • Alumni of IIT Kharagpur


Day 1

Basics of Machine Learning

  • What is logistic classification?
    • Explaining from first principles.
      • Explain Linear Regression
      • Explain backpropagation
      • Explain linear algebra
    • Explain sigmoid
  • What is a decision tree?
    • Explain gini index and information gain with example
  • What is a Random Forest?
  • What is Bagging?

Day 2

Basics of Machine Learning

  • What is Boosting?
  • What is Ensembling?
  • What is PCA?

Basics of Deep Learning

  • What is word2vec?
    • CBOW
    • Skip-Gram

Day 3

Basics of Deep Learning

  • What are GRUs and LSTMs?
    • Equations explanation
  • What are CNNs?
    • Strides and Equations

Advanced Deep Learning

  • What are transformers?

Day 4

Advanced Deep Learning

  • Explain the workings of BERT
  • Explain the workings of GPT-2
  • Explain the workings of RCNN

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    The instructor is amazingly versed in the field of AI and ML. His knowledge in the domain is too good.

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