Cricket Umpiring Fundamentals with Sriharsha (starts 21st November)


  • Individuals (both males and females) who love Cricket Umpiring but don’t know how to build a career out of it
  • Individuals who want to understand what is the scope of Cricket Umpiring in the world and what are the various opportunities?
  • Individuals who want to understand  how to get into this field without any experience?


  • An umpire has the best seat in a game of cricket and there is an acute shortage of umpires these days
  • Each state association needs at least 100 active umpires (both male and female umpires)
  • There’s a misconception that retired players can only be umpires, it is NOT so. Anyone with passion towards the game, can be part of this journey
  • Learn from a Head Umpire with over 7 years of experience in working as a Cricket Umpire
  • Practical knowledge on how to go about getting a Job in Umpiring and Future prospects
  • Continuous Mentoring with the faculty for a period of 6 months
  • Certified Course
  • Live online practical class with assignments and projects
  • Limited batch size



Our instructor, Sriharsha, is a cricket fanatic. He has identified and trained 14 Cricket Finland umpires & has been a part of Cricket Finland Umpiring Panel project from 2016 till date.

  • He holds a Master of Science (Tech) degree from Aalto University, Finland, School of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering
  • He is serving as a Head Faculty of Cricket Umpiring at Institute of Sports Science & Technology, Pune
  • Serving as Head Umpire, Cricket Finland since November, 2019
  • Served as Western Province Umpire, South Africa
  • Served as Hyderabad Cricket Association Panel Umpire

Learning Objective

  1. Any one who completes this course can attend ICC (International Cricket Council)/ BCCI (Board of Control of Cricket in India)/ ECB (England Cricket Board)/ CSA (Cricket South Africa)/ CA (Cricket Australia) umpiring exams.
  2. 6 months of private mentorship will be included to crack the above exams.
  3. Presently, Umpiring jobs are not in the limelight. Given the love for the sport throughout the world, we want to change that notion and support cricket lovers by helping them make a career in Cricket Umpiring.


Module 1: Planning and Preparation (2 hours): November 21 (5pm to 7pm)

Significance of Home & Away teams The preamble- Spirit Of cricket

Role of Umpires, captains and Scorers. Essential communication tips.

-Setting up the Game- Pre Match duties

Ground inspection, Boundary markings, crease markings Player identification and team list

Approval of match balls and identifying boundary Facilitating Toss

-Discussion on Practical problems faced by umpires

Module 2: Managing the match (3 hours) : November 22 (5pm to 8pm)

Commencement of innings Declaration and forfeiture

Result of the game – Mistakes in scoring and Umpires role in minimizing them Significance of Play, Time and Intervals. What it means strategically to teams Over, Scoring Runs, Dead ball and Extra

Communication between Umpire-Umpire, Umpire-Players, Umpire- Scorers Fielders absence, substitutes

Batsman innings, Practice on the field The wicket keeper

Striker End Umpire duties and techniques to observe fielders, wicket keeper and other actions of the game

Module 3: Appeals and Dismissals (3 hours): November 28 (5pm to 8pm)

-How to answer appeals as SEU and BEU

-When is the wicket down?

-Techniques to appeal answers various dismissals

-Umpires coordination in answering appeals

-Techniques for judging Run Out and stumpings

-Positioning for better judgement in Run Out and Stumpings

-Discussions on practical problems in Appeals and dismissals

Module 4: Unfair Play and Player behavior (2 hours): November 29 (5pm to 7pm)

What is fair and unfair play? Bouncers and beamers

Distraction deception of striker

Fielders damaging the pitch and protected area Mankading

Penalty runs and signaling

Defining dissent and inappropriate behavior Level 1-4 offences and actions to be taken

Discussions on practical problems in Player behavior



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